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The person of color . For parallel reasons, Trump might want to choose a nonwhite SCOTUS nominee. His shortlist does include one minority member, Amul Thapar, an Indian-American who would be the first Asian-American on the Court (he would also, incidentally, help maintain the Court’s Catholic majority). Thapar’s appointment would have the added advantage of ensuring that his Senate sponsor Mitch McConnell left no stone unturned in securing his confirmation.

The person of color

The Relatable . Supreme Court justices are by definition members of a superelite, so it’s not like Trump has the option of choosing a nominee who would look right at home hooting and jeering at a MAGA rally. But there are two people on the shortlist who did not attend Ivy League law schools. One, Hardiman (a Georgetown Law grad), was the first person in his family to attend college. The other, Barrett (a Notre Dame Law School graduate) has the unusual distinction among judges of having seven children . She is also the most overtly religious of the shortlist members, and might be appealing to Republicans as someone who can bait liberals into remarks that sound ostensibly anti-Catholic, which arguably occurred during her recent circuit court confirmation hearings.

The Relatable

Outside the shortlist . It’s possible, of course, that Trump will choose someone from his larger list who’s not on this speculative shortlists. One of the two names heard the most often is William Pryor, who as Jeff Sessions’s successor as attorney general of Alabama back in the 1990s once called Roe v . Wade “the worst abomination in the history of constitutional law.” (On the positive side, Pryor helped remove Roy Moore from his position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court over his defiance of federal court orders). The other is current U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah , who like Pryor might have a problem with harsh and outspoken rather than subtle if certain opposition to abortion rights.

Outside the shortlist

Intangibles . Since we are talking about a Trump appointment here, it’s possible factors that matter most to POTUS would loom large in presidential interviews, such as looks, “strength,” obscure connections to Trump himself (one of Hardiman’s assets is that he serves on the same circuit court as Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry), or a superior ability to flatter or otherwise magnify the presidential glory. That’s not to say he’s going to pull a surprise. In the matter of keeping his judicial promises to conservative activists, Trump has been uncharacteristically disciplined. And he knows this is one appointment he has to get right.



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Now imagine a jar full of 25 green marbles and 75 blue marbles. You close your eyes and select a marble. If it’s green, you receive $1 million, and if it’s blue, you get nothing. You know you have aone infour chance (25%)to get a green marble and win the money.

Now, which would you prefer to bet on: the launch failure or the draw from the jar?

If you’d go for the jar, that indicates that you think the chance of winning that bet (25%) is greater than the chance of winning the product-failure bet. Therefore, you must believe the likelihood of your competitor’s product launch failing is less than 25%.

In this way, using an objective benchmark helps pinpoint your subjective probability. (To test other levels of probability, just mentally adjust the ratio of green and blue marbles in the jar. With10 green marbles and 90 blue ones, would you still draw from the jar rather than take the product-failure bet? You must think there’s less than a 10% chance the product won’t launch.)

Lesson 3: Seek feedback to improve your forecasting.

Whether you’re using vague terms or precise numbers to describe probabilities, what you’re really doing is forecasting. If you assert there’s “a real possibility” your competitor’s product will launch, you’re predicting the future. In business and many other fields, being a good forecaster is important and requires practice. But simply making a lot of forecasts isn’t enough:You need feedback. Assigning probabilities provides this by allowing you to keep score of your performance.

Opinion writers and public intellectuals often talk about the future, but typically they don’t express their convictions precisely enough to allow for accurate performance tracking. For example, an analyst might speculate, “Facebook will likely remain the dominant social network for years to come.” It’s difficult to measure the accuracy of this forecast because it is subjective and the probabilistic phrase suggests a wide range of likelihoods. A statement like “There is a 95% probability that Facebook will have more than 2.5 billion monthly users one year from now” is precise and quantifiable. What’s more, the accuracy of the analyst’s forecast can be directly measured, providing feedback on performance.

The best forecasters make lots of precise forecasts and keep track of their performance with a metric such as a Brier score . This type of performance tracking requires predicting a categorical outcome (Facebook will have more than 2.5 billion monthly users) over a specified time period (one year from now) with a specific probability (95%). It’s a tough discipline to master, but necessary for improvement. And the Cashmere Silk Scarf mysteries of intuition by VIDA VIDA xz6yF0Cfp
. A few online resources make the task easier. The Good Judgment Open (founded byTetlock and other decision scientists) and Metaculus provide questions to practice forecasting. Prediction markets, including PredictIt , allow you to put real money behind your forecasts.


Thank you for the kind words Raheel, there’s still much to say on the topic but a list of main points can be helpful sometimes.


We are the victims of a deliberate attack as defined in “Reputation Bombs” in this article. Although it is not affecting us too badly, we hate seeing it out there. Steps we have taken are as follows:

1: Paid rip-off report their $2,000 fee but this has resulted in nothing 2: Tried to contact pissedconsumer but no reply. 3: trying to get court order to compel google to release name of the anonymous poster and shut down the site.

But we still need help. Most reputation management companies want $10,000-$15,000 but guarantee no results. This is as bad as ID theft but in a larger scale.


Hi Rudy, sorry to hear you company has been attacked. I understand you want to get rid of those “stains” as soon as possible. Honestly, I think there is no point in hiring a reputation management company if they don’t guarantee results!

If you want to know more about how we can help you, I just added you on Facebook and emailed you.


I am sorry you were attacked. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more nowadays as businesses understand the negative impact they can have on their competitors.


Hi Rudy,

The reason no one can give a guarantee is because no one controls Google. Algorithmic changes happen frequently – organic search results are always changing.

In 2013, Google took direct action against mugshot websites that extort money from individuals by posting their mugshot on their site. Hopefully, we’ll soon see similar action against BS sites like ripoffreport and pissedconsumer.

For pissedconsumer, we tried a strategy to replace the negative article with a positive article and it worked well. The client still has a pissedconsumer listing in their search results, but now when people click on it, they see that it’s a positive review. You can do it yourself – details are at:

As for ripoff report, there content is protected because they’re operated outside of the United States. You’ll never get content removed, the best you can hope is to win a judgement and legally require Google/Bing to remove the page about you from their indices. Here’s an audio interview I did with a client who went through this process. You’re looking at about $7-10k to engage a lawyer. (First person speaking is my client).

Aside from those actions, contacting either site is pointless, as you know. If you want to get rid of that stuff from page 1 of Google, you’re going to need to do one of two things:

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US News Recognizes Top BSOS Programs

Once again, the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice’s graduate program has been ranked #1 in the nation by U.S. News World Report’s “Best Graduate Schools” guide for 2019.

“The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at UMD continues its legacy of excellence in scholarship and training in this field, and the efforts of our faculty, staff, students and alumni have been recognized by this well-deserved top ranking,” said Dean Gregory Ball.

The counseling program in the Department of Psychology, which is jointly offered with the College of Education, was also again ranked as #1.

read more about US News Recognizes Top BSOS Programs

The undergraduate student body in the U.S. continues to grow increasingly diverse. In 2013, the National Center for Educational Statistics reported that 56% of undergraduate students in the U.S. were White, 16.5% Hispanic, 14.3% Black, 5.7% Asian. Between 1990 to 2013, Black student enrollment more than doubled and Hispanic student undergraduate enrollment increased by roughly 400%. These encouraging statistics are on par with the enrollment trends in the undergraduate psychology major at the University of Maryland, which very closely matches the national trend.

Womens Diorconfident2 Bn Sunglasses Hvna 57 Dior rNfQ6FQ
As a human, behavior-centered discipline, we value a strong understanding of diversity. Diversity refers to differences in race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, abilities, class, nationality, and other factors. The Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland is committed to creating a respectful and affirming climate in which all students, staff, and faculty are inspired to achieve their full potential.
We believe that actively fostering an affirming environment strengthens our department as a whole.
read more about Diversity Statement

Humans are unique among all species in their ability to develop and enforce social norms, but there is wide variation in the strength of these norms across human groups. Tight cultures are more restrictive and have strong punishments for norm violations while loose cultures have weaker social norms and a higher tolerance for deviant behavior. With over $8 million in funding from NSF, the Department of Defense, and a prize from the Humboldt Foundation, Dr. Michele Gelfand has been using field, laboratory, computational, and neuroscientific methods to understand the evolution of such differences their consequences for nations, states, organizations, teams, and individuals.

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